Edward Kaye.


Posted: 09/01/2020

Form free and without constraints confusion hangs. Stone cold and limited freedom is born and chased embellished upon. The shadows are a place for the small to become large. 

Beautiful liar

Posted: 14/11/2019

Anyone who says they don’t lie is a fool and liar. To take a photograph is to try and use a lie to tell the truth. We have 3 selves, the self we show the world, the self we show our loved ones and the self you see when you look in a mirror.


We all lie but the camera can tell beautiful lies.


Posted: 14/10/2019

When we cast our minds back we remember a memory. The reality is lost in the mist of idealism, is this a good thing. By re writing again and again we filter the parts we don't feel matter or don't want to matter. 


As we draw on everything we are and were we create new from the old. We can never recreate a past glory but why would we want to.

Weighs and means

Posted: 03/10/2019

Lifless, hollow and shallow. People seem to think the simple act is the pass they have to create. Maybe this is true but do we not owe a subject the respect of better? Whether warm or cold does the amount of means give a pass to surpass respect? 


With (crude) intent and moments of kind a point is missed with little regard.

Only a Fool Looks At The Finger

Posted: 30/09/2019

To look at and want someone else’s path, someone else’s journey is an option far too easily taken. We all pick our yard sticks and choose how to use them. Schopenhauer said that true talent is hitting a target no one else can reach, genius is hitting one no one else can see.. 


Immersed in someone else’s world, to take cues on how to represent yours means you can leave yours empty.