Edward Kaye.

To listen or not to listen, that is the question

Posted: 24/09/2019

Talking to people about writing is difficult. People have opinions which tend to be forged and limited. People tend to want to quantify the opinions with other people's words as though fact with little regard for its effect bar the tick they give themselves. 

Rules are a device people use to show why they know what you are trying to do, they don't.

N'th Term

Posted: 11/09/2019

To view A contact sheet is to look at all the mistakes you made on a journey. All journeys end, the end is rarely happy in life. It’s the bits after the uncertainty and before the mundanity has set in that you see the joy.

Is the journey ever about the end or is it the moments that have the mix of good and bad that make them stand out.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Posted: 11/09/2019

Prussian blue set to an ocean will fade to Ermine without the containment of intent and facilitation.

Closed Fist

Posted: 11/09/2019

The idea of writing a blog is odd.

When presented with the option of taking from an open hand or seeing what’s in the closed fist most will take the risk. This is in hope but hope is a strange thing as it intrinsically breeds uncertainty.

What lies behind the emerald curtain?

Perfect Isn’t

Posted: 11/09/2019

You spend hours looking for locations, picking the lens, looking at reference shots. You give yourself time to sit and think about what you want the shot to say. You come to realise you’ve just spent hours limiting your options. 

Someone wise said the shot you want is always in your test shots. All the constraints we place in search for perfection seem to take us further away from it.